Louder Than War, 2019

“Upbeat, politically fuelled and dance worthy, The Snug Sessions is a double helping of 5 Hills Out at their best...the perfect festival soundtrack for the summer.”

London Celtic Punks, 2019

“For fans of bands like The Silk Road, Folk The System, Under A Banner or huge stadium bands like The Levellers or New Model Army these two songs will strike a real chord and these infectious foot stomping folk-punk anthems really make us excited to see 5 Hills Out live in concert.”

Belper News, 2019

“For lovers of politically-inspired music this five-piece Derbyshire band most definitely hits the spot...I have to say I am suitably impressed by what I heard; to paraphrase the words of a certain John Lydon ‘They mean it man.’”

Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio 6 Music, 20th February 2017.

"5 Hills Out from Derbyshire, I really enjoyed your sound."

Sophie Sparham, Derby Telegraph, 3rd February 2017.

“Emotive, passionate and extremely danceable to. Perfect for fans of bands such as The Levellers and New Model Army, 5 Hills Out bring their own unique twist on the genre.”

Emerging Indie Bands, 24th December 2016.

“There is a distinct railing against a system which grinds the vast majority in to quiet servitude of the minority. Akin to many protest bands of the genre – quietly spoken doesnʼt mean cowed – and 5 Hills Out take the power of peaceful and erudite expostulation to seek to express their message... the listener finds themselves thinking of 5 Hills Out as a channel for a 21st Century Jarrow March.”

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