5 Hills Out are a 5-piece folk-punk band of misfits from Derbyshire, determined to make their mark on the folk scene. Inspired by the heritage and customs of folk and the aggression and energy of punk, 5 Hills Out combine traditional accordion, saxophone, guitars and mandola with a rocking rhythm section of fretless bass and drums. The band generate a formidable sound scape set against their passionate and crafted shows. Stripped down acoustic arrangements, sit alongside driven punk anthems. This song variation and instrument swapping ability help give 5 Hills Out a great live edge. Their sound and attitude is refreshing and shows their eclectic influences taken from the likes of The Levellers, X-Ray Spex, Richard Thompson, Stiff Little Fingers, New Model Army and Gogol Bordello.

The band have played extensive live shows around the Peak District, which enabled the self-released debut acoustic EP 'No Way In' in 2016, on all major download platforms and a limited-edition CD run. They released their second EP ‘Still Outside’ in Autumn 2017, which showed the bands diverse electric capabilities.

Now the band are set to release a double single in April 12th 2019 called ‘The Snug Sessions’. The two songs featured on the release, ‘Cogs’ and ‘The Divide’ are the bands most accomplished and biting works to date.

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